Corporate Framing Services

How does your office look?

When clients and staff step into your establishment, the framing & art speak for your company before you have the opportunity to even open your mouth. What do your walls say about your brand? Competent or haphazard? Professional or amateurish? Global view or geocentric? A comfortable place to work or a bare walls, uninspired environment? Established or “fly by night”? Does the decor epitomize the nature of your business? Or does it send the wrong message? Well chosen art in the workplace gives the viewer a sense of where your company is coming from and where it is going. Local imagery show dedication and support of community.

Huge Selection

Over 20 suppliers & more than 3000 samples…  Picture frame mouldings from Europe and around the world are some of the unique offerings, as well as acrylic, welded steel frames and hardwoods from North America. 


Latest Designs

We seek out the latest trends in framing by attending trade shows and following designers to bring the best of what’s new in frame design to RVA.

Friendly Staff

Call or stop in and you’ll be greeted with a smile and expert framing advice.

Locally Owned

Frame Nation is owned and operated by Richmonders. Your patronage supports three members of your community and we are extremely thankful to have the opportunity to serve Richmond Va in such an artful way.

Onsite Production

All work is done on our premises. The moment your artwork enters into our care it is continually under our supervision throughout the framing process until completion, when we present the finished piece to you.


Art from all over the world can show branch offices in those locations or areas served by your company. Inspirational, uplifting vistas and cheerful/colorful images create an overall pleasant work environment. Abstracts and modern art show that your organization is forward thinking, cutting edge.. etc. Traditional, vintage, or antique styled art epitomize formality, “tried and true”, and established position.


Frame Nation is ready to guide you through the process of selecting art and framing for your place of business. We help the process from identifying the concepts you’d like to portray, the interior design required to place the art appropriately to finally hanging the finished framed art.


Why go to multiple establishments for your corporate art needs. No  other shop has all your art needs in one place. From selecting, printing, framing, delivery and installation, no one offers such a wide range of customization options.


Contact our consultants and start creating the work environment that truly shows off your company culture and brand today!

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